G14: Kogworks

Kogworks photo
  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 33
  • Age: 5 years +


The object of Kogworks is to turn the top cogwheel (gold), by creating a linked path from your base wheel to the top wheel. Or to block your opponent`s cog wheels such that even after their move, they are unable to turn their base wheel!

Kogworks… Turn the gears of your mind! An amazing strategy game that will leave your mind twisting and turning!

The object is simple: Place your wheels to turn the top (Gold) cog OR block your opponent`s base wheel to WIN!

Simple, it is. But it is also compelling and multi-layered..

A game of pure strategy – no luck! Experience the unique, compelling device of spinning cogwheels. It is simple to learn.. hard to master!

WHO WILL LOVE IT? Anyone and everyone who loves deep strategy games with extremely simple rules OR those looking for a game with a unique edge!


1 x game disk
1x top (Gold) cog
15 x red cogs
15x blue cogs
1 x game book